Watch How Priya Can Help You Get Pregnant

You can now effortlessly pinpoint exactly when you are most fertile. 

Priya continuously monitors your temperature to identify the most important dip in temperature 2 days prior to when you ovulate. When you are most fertile, Priya sends an alert to your smartphone. 

Priya is here to help you have a baby sooner.

Priya is a self-inserted temperature sensor that detects the subtle changes that occur before ovulation.



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Priya pinpoints the window of fertility, without having to actively engage in data collection. Simply insert Priya ring once per month, and let Priya do the rest.


Priya's continuous core technology is not affected by movement, drinking, medications, and other things that affect oral and skin temperatures - making it possible to precisely identify your fertile window.


No charts, no guessing and since you will be notified when you when are most fertile, you will not miss your opportunity. Be empowered with the confidence of knowing what is happening with your body in real-time. 

“Priya signals ovulation and helps couples conceive pregnancies by pinpointing when conception is most likely to occur. This can prevent my patients from having expensive testing and needless frustration.”
— Donald Aptekar, MD, FACOG
I was amazed at how convenient wearing the Priya Ring was. It was like it was not even there!
— Josie J.
This product to me replaces ovulation prediction kits
— Market research participant
Priya showed me when I was most fertile and when I ovulated.
— Mary, beta tester
I did not have any issues or discomfort while wearing the ring. I couldn’t feel it, nor could my partner. Getting the ring out was also very easy.
— Jessica S.
I couldn’t feel it at all and could go about my life as normal including sleeping in, swimming and traveling. It’s incredible that it is so effortless and yet collects the data most accurate to tell when I am fertile. I get to have my cake and eat it too!
— Julia, beta tester
When I tested Priya I was amazed how easy and stress free it is! Priya is completely effortless.
— Samanta, beta tester

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