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“Priya signals ovulation and helps couples conceive pregnancies by pinpointing when conception is most likely to occur. This can prevent my patients from having expensive testing and needless frustration.”
— Donald Aptekar, MD, FACOG

how it works

Priya is an elegant, self-inserted temperature sensor that is able to detect the subtle changes that occur before ovulation that other methods are unable to detect, then sends an alert to her smartphone when she is most fertile.

learning your rhythm

Priya pinpoints the window of fertility, without having to actively engage in data collection. Simply insert Priya ring once per month, and let Priya do the rest.


A revolutionary wearable sensor that benefits any woman who wants to effortlessly manage her fertility.


It was like it was not even there! The whole process is simple and easy to follow, and I did not have to worry about taking my own temperature or altering my daily schedule in any way.
— Josie J
It was so easy to use. I did not have any discomfort while wearing the ring. I couldn’t feel it, nor could my partner. Removing the ring was also very easy.
— Leslie Fisher

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