How Priya Works 

Priya is a vaginal temperature sensor that is currently being studied and tested. Priya is being developed to wirelessly capture your continuous core temperature to detect the subtle changes that occur PRIOR to ovulation. 



What Our Current Study is Testing


To develop a personal fertility sensor that requires no monitors, charting, attachable extra sensors or urine strips. 


To see if our algorithm based on your continuous core temperature can aid in fertility prediction.  



To test our Priya App capturing 24-hour temperature data that automatically transfers data to a smartphone. 

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The Science Behind Priya 



Identifying your fertile window is the key to a successful pregnancy. 

The golden time to get frisky happens two days prior to ovulation when there is a small dip in your core body temperature. We are creating Priya to be able to capture this dip in temperature by harnessing the power of wearable technology. Graph Source Wilcox 1995.