How Priya Works 

Priya provides a level of precision that no other ovulation prediction method can obtain by wirelessly capturing your continuous core temperature. The Priya Ring is a vaginal sensor that uses an algorithm based on your continuous core temperature to detect the subtle changes that occur PRIOR to ovulation. The Priya app will automatically alert you when you are most fertile. 



There are no monitors, charting, attachable extra sensors, urine strips, or replacement parts with Priya Ring. Now you can sleep in Saturday morning and be assured that Priya is doing the work for you.  


Priya is not affected by movement, drink, medications, and other external factors that other ovulation products are prone to - making it possible to precisely identify your fertile window. 



Priya is the only fertility sensor that captures 24-hour temperature data that you can see 24-7 on your phone. The Priya App will automatically transfer your data to your smartphone. 

 In the history of womankind, it has never been easier to track your fertile window.

All that is required is to pair the Priya Ring with the Priya App and to insert the ring. Your temperature data will be transferred automatically to your smartphone Priya app. 


We are only shipping 250 rings in the U.S. when we first launch
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How to Use Priya 

The Priya Ring is worn for the non-period time of your entire cycle. Your data is automatically transferred to your iOS Priya App.

  1. Simply insert Priya ring on the last day of your period. 
  2. Download the Priya app and your data is transferred to your smartphone every 2 hours. 
  3. Priya provides a complete view of your circadian rhythm and ovulation cycle in the app you can view at any time. 
  4. When that important change in temperature happens, indicating ovulation is coming, you will receive an alert on your phone. 
  5. You can send an alert to your partner’s phone too, if you chose. 
  6. The Priya app will remind you when it's time to remove the ring and to replace with a new one if needed. 

The Science Behind Priya 



Identifying your fertile window is the key to a successful pregnancy. 

The golden time to get frisky happens two days prior to ovulation when there is a small dip in your core body temperature. This can only be detected by a true core, continuous, highly accurate sensor like Priya. 

Until now, identifying this crucial window to conceive has been limited to unreliable methods that have lots of room for error. We have created a solution for you by harnessing the power of wearable technology, paired with a proven-safe device. No other method can identify circadian rhythm, or continuous core body temperature. 

Priya has been tested under FDA and FCC Guidelines to be the safest product available.