+ How does Priya work?

Priya is an effortless, discreet, and precise method to take control of your fertility. The Priya sensor continuously measures your core body temperature all month long, allowing a level of precision that no other temperature method can obtain.

The Priya Ring is worn for the non-period time of your entire cycle, and data are automatically transferred to the Priya App, allowing you to see a complete picture of your personal cycle. The Priya App notifies you when you are most fertile - no need for you to do a thing! Priya is truly effortless.

+ Is Priya comfortable to use?

The Priya Ring is easy to insert and remove, and is comfortable to wear for an entire month. It is the identical shape and size as the intravaginal Rings that have been on the market for decades. In clinical trials, participants stated that Priya Ring was comfortable to wear and easy to use.

+ How is Priya different from other fertility   products?

Priya takes temperature readings from inside your vagina, the best place to identify the changes in temperature that occur before ovulation. It is not affected by external factors that other ovulation products are prone to.

There are no monitors, attachable extra sensors, urine strips, or replacement parts with Priya – simply pair the Priya Ring with your Priya App and insert the Priya Ring.

Priya is able to identify your individual temperature, which is then used to identify the important changes that occur just prior to ovulation – the most important time for conception to take place.

Unlike oral basal temperature thermometers, Priya is designed to detect the subtle dip in temperature that happens two days prior to ovulation to signal your most fertile time. Your smart phone will alert you when
it is time to get busy!

+ How do I use Priya?

Priya is the most effortless fertility monitor available. Simply insert Priya Ring on the last day of your period, and Priya begins tracking your temperature every 6 minutes, providing a complete view of your ovulation cycle, in a way no other product can.

The temperature data are then transferred to your smartphone Priya app.
The Priya app collects and graphs your temperature data. When an important change in temperature happens, indicating ovulation is coming, you receive an alert on your App (and can send an alert to your partner’s phone too, if you chose).

Each elegant Priya Ring is worn for one month at a time. The Priya app will remind you when it’s time to remove the Ring and replace with a new one if needed. Detailed instructions regarding how to insert and pair your Priya Ring are found in your User Manual. The Priya Ring is for vaginal use only

+ Can I have intercourse while wearing Priya?

Yes you can! The vaginal Rings that have been on the market for decades have been worn by hundreds of thousands of women for both contraception and menopause symptoms, so women have been having intercourse while wearing vaginal Rings for decades.

+ Can I use Priya Ring during my period?

Priya ring is inserted the last day of your period, and removed the first day of your period. So you will not be using Priya during your period.

+ Can I wear a tampon while using Priya?

Priya is inserted on the last day of your period, and removed on the first day of your period, so you won't ever have to wear both at the same time.

+ What if I have irregular cycles?

Priya monitors your temperature and detects ovulation during each cycle, so it works for all women including those who have variable cycles and ovulation timing, and avoids the problems of LH testing and other methods. Even women who have a regular cycle may ovulate at variable times, so it is important to let your body tell you the right timing via your PRIYA data.

+ What if I miss my regularly scheduled period   when using Priya?

Consider the possibility that you may be pregnant and visit with your healthcare provider for a pregnancy checkup.
Priya is able to predict ovulation in women who have irregular cycles as well, and can tell if you are not ovulating as expected.

+ What if I have, or think I might have, Polycystic   Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)?

If you suffer from PCOS (or think you might), Priya might be the right product for you. Priya monitors your temperature and detects ovulation during each cycle, so it works for all women including those who have variable cycles and ovulation timing, and avoids the problems of LH testing and other methods.

+ Does the use of fertility drugs affect Priya?

Though this has not been studied extensively, while fertility drugs may alter your ovulation time, Priya should still be able to tell you the appropriate timing based on your temperature pattern.

+ What's your plan for Android?

We will be developing Priya on Android in the coming months - stay tuned!

+ Can I get a refund if I become pregnant before my   Priya arrives?

Yes you can!

+ How should I store Priya?

Store Priya at room temperature between 68-122° Fahrenheit (20 – 50° Celsius). DO NOT expose Priya to temperatures above 122° Fahrenheit (such as boiling hot water). Keep Priya out of the reach of children and pets. Keep Priya away from any magnets as this could affect the technology.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT expose the Priya box or Priya Ring to any magnets prior to use (e.g. magnetic purse closure, magnetic key holder or magnetic advertisement materials). It may turn the Priya Ring on.

+ Is Priya safe for me?

Priya is regulated medical device and complies with all the necessary FDA certifications. Priya complies with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rules for electronic products [2AE3ZPT-DS-5000].

+ Is it safe for me to have BlueTooth inside my   body?

Priya has been tested under FDA and FCC Guidelines. Priya is an FDA-regulated device, which means it has passed all safety standards that are required for a medical device. Prima-Temp has completed extensive testing to prove and that the energy transmitted from Priya is also within the safest range. Temperature data are collected from Priya Ring every 6 minutes, then transferred to the Priya App every 2 hours. The Priya Ring power output per unit time is ~800 times less than your cell phone

+ Has Priya been tested in women?

Priya has been tested in women for several years. We continue to fine-tune the product to bring you the most precise and advanced fertility sensor possible. A clinical trial has been conducted to compare Priya with several other methods of identifying ovulation, including oral temperater (BBT), LH urine strips (ovulation prediction kits), and the gold-standard ultrasound measurements.

+ I heard there are some issues with the vaginal   rings currently on the market - is this a safety   concern for Priya?

There have been vascular issues with users of the contraceptive vaginal ring that has been on the market, but the issues have been due to the medication inside the ring, and not due to the ring itself. Priya has no medication or hormones inside of it, so those issues are not relevant for our product.

+ What exactly is Priya Technology?

Ring material Medical-grade silicone
Made in the USA
Size Ring OD 55 mm diameter ID 36 mm 9.5 mm width
Weight 10.7g
Battery Silver oxide SR636W (quantity: 2)
Battery Duration 35 days or 840 hours
Temperature Unit C or F
Measurement Range 34.55C-40.45C (94.1F-104.9F)
Transceiver IOS 8.4 and above; iPhone 4s and above; iPod Touch 3rd generation and above; Android: Pending
Accuracy =+/- 0.1C (+/-0.09F)
Frequency 2.45 GHz
Power 5 mW
Operating Temperature 20C-50C (68F-122F)
Data Storage Stores up to 2.5 days of measurement is smartphone is not in proximity to Ring
Free Space RF Range 100’

+ Do I need to purchase a new ring every cycle?

Yes - a new Priya ring is inserted every month. In order to ensure that all your data are collected properly, each new Priya ring starts a new cycle for you.

+ What if I have further questions?

We have trained technical staff to answer your questions before and after purchase, and who will be with you throughout your fertility journey with Priya. Call or email us anytime at: 866-398-1032 or support@prima-temp.com.

+ Is Priya a good option to try before IVF or other   fertility treatments?

Only 13% of women were found to correctly identify their fertile window (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22764878). Identifying your fertile window is essential to conception and by identifying the two days prior to ovulation, Priya will help give you the highest percent chance of conception each month. If you fall into the 87% of women not identifying your fertile window, Priya is an excellent choice to try.

Priya can also give you and your doctor insight about your ovulation and cycle health. For example, Priya can let you know if you showed signs of ovulation and the length of your luteal phase

If you have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, Priya may still be a good option for you to try.

If you or your partner have been diagnosed with infertility (such as blocked fallopian tubes or male-factor infertility), Priya may not be for you.