+ When will Priya be available?

Priya is currently in the testing phase in a study.

+ How will Priya work?

Priya is a sensor coming to the market soon. Priya will continuously measures core body temperature all month long.

The Priya Ring is being designed to be worn for the non-period time of your entire cycle, and data are automatically transferred to the Priya App.

+ Is Priya comfortable to use?

The Priya ring is the identical shape and size as the intravaginal Rings that have been on the market for decades.

+ How will Priya be used?

When Priya is available, simply insert the Priya Ring on the last day of your period, and Priya begins tracking your temperature every 6 minutes. The temperature data are then transferred to your smartphone Priya app. When an important change in temperature happens, indicating ovulation is coming, you receive an alert on your App (and can send an alert to your partner’s phone too, if you chose).

+ What's your plan for Android?

We will be developing Priya on Android - stay tuned!

+ Has Priya been tested in women?

Priya is currently being tested in women. We continue to fine-tune the product.

+ What exactly is Priya Technology?

Ring material Medical-grade silicone
Made in the USA
Size Ring OD 55 mm diameter ID 36 mm 9.5 mm width
Weight 10.7g
Battery Silver oxide SR636W (quantity: 2)
Battery Duration 35 days or 840 hours
Temperature Unit C or F
Measurement Range 34.55C-40.45C (94.1F-104.9F)
Transceiver IOS 8.4 and above; iPhone 4s and above; iPod Touch 3rd generation and above; Android: Pending
Accuracy =+/- 0.1C (+/-0.09F)
Frequency 2.45 GHz
Power 5 mW
Operating Temperature 20C-50C (68F-122F)
Data Storage Stores up to 2.5 days of measurement is smartphone is not in proximity to Ring
Free Space RF Range 100’