+ When will Priya be available?

Priya is currently undergoing a clinical study and is estimated to be available late 2019. Stay tuned for which countries Priya will available.

+ How will Priya work?

Priya is a sensor coming to the market soon. Priya will continuously measure core body temperature.

The Priya sensor will automatically transfer your data to the Priya App.

+ Is Priya comfortable to use?

The Priya sensor is the identical shape and size as the intravaginal Rings that have been on the market for decades.

+ How will Priya be used?

When Priya is available, simply insert the Priya ring on the last day of your period, and Priya begins tracking your temperature every 6 minutes. The temperature data is then transferred to your Priya app. When an important change in temperature happens, indicating ovulation is coming, you receive an alert on your App.

+ What's your plan for Android?

We will be available on iOS and on Android - stay tuned!

+ Has Priya been tested in women?

Priya is currently being tested in women. We continue to fine-tune the product.

+ What exactly is Priya Technology?

Ring material Medical-grade silicone
Size Ring OD 55 mm diameter ID 36 mm 9.5 mm width
Weight 10.7g
Battery Silver oxide 3771376 (quantity: 4)
Battery Duration 90 days Temperature Unit C or F
Measurement Range 34.55C-40.45C (94.1F-104.9F)
Temperature Accuracy =+/- 0.1C (+/-0.09F)
Frequency 2.45 GHz
Power 5 mW
Operating Temperature 20C-50C (68F-122F)
Ring Stores up to 2 days of measurement data if smartphone is not in close proximity to ring