Finally- An Effortless Technology that Predicts Precisely When You Are About to Ovulate

Hi there!

We’re Priya.

We are so excited to be coming to you with our very first blog post to provide you with news, information and stories to help you meet your fertility goals. For our first blog post, we would like to introduce ourselves and tell you about a pretty incredible phenomenon that happens to your body right before you ovulate.

You know how your temperature rises when you are ovulating? Well that’s not all that is happening. Right before ovulation, there is a subtle dip in your temperature. If measured accurately, this dip acts as a crucial element for predicting ovulation and lets you know when it is time to ‘get busy’ with your partner. After all, intercourse during this time significantly increases your chances of creating a baby.



Optimal Time for Making a Baby 


Sperm have to go through a long journey to find the egg, and only 1 in 14 million sperm that enter your body will reach your Fallopian tube. Since your egg only lives for 12-24 hours, timing is vital when trying to make a baby.

The ideal time to get frisky actually isn’t when you ovulate - it is right before. That way, the sperm will be right on time and waiting for the egg.




Why Estimate When you Can Know? 


Our team looked at the current methods available to track the biomarkers of ovulation and knew we could do better with continuous core technology. Science shows that there is a biomarker that can tell you when you are fertile, and our team is working on Priya to be able to identify it for you. 



Here to Empower you To Take Control of Your Fertility


So how will Priya work?

Priya is an intravaginal ring that is identical to those currently on the market. We have simply removed the hormones, and inserted a continuous temperature sensor. We are testing Priya to work by women inserting the Priya Ring in the comfort of her home and wearing it for the non-period time of her cycle. We have developed the technology for the data to be automatically transferred to the iOS Priya App and are testing the app to send an alert to the phone when Priya detects a dip in temperature. 


There are no monitors, attachable extra sensors, urine strips, or replacement parts. All that is required is to pair the Priya Ring with the Priya App and insert the ring allowing for your patients to go about life as normal. The Priya Ring is being designed to be worn for one month at a time and is for vaginal use only. 

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