How New Advances in Technology Can Help with Getting Pregnant

We’ve come a long way since the time of The Wheat and Barley pregnancy test in 1350 BC Egypt, where women at the time were advised to urinate on the seeds, and if neither sprouted, she was told she wasn’t pregnant. This may seem amusing, but it turns out the Egyptians were on to something. The test to predict pregnancy worked 70% of the time in a laboratory test due to the hormones in the urine. It took thousands of years, however, for women to go from urinating on wheat and barley seeds in Egypt to having an at-home pregnancy test. Since the technological revolution, it is hard to keep track of the newest products, and there are more options for women trying to conceive than ever before. Here are some of the most exciting and anticipated products to help women in their journey to become a mother:


Reduce Stress

Stress can signal to your body that conditions are not ideal for conception. Stress releases several hormones that actually may suppress ovulation. One of the easiest methods to reduce stress with instant results is meditation and deep breathing. They have been shown to stimulate hormones that calm you down and switch off the hormones that are telling your body that you are stressed. Even two minutes a day can make a huge impact on reducing your stress levels.  There are many apps out there for meditation. Here is one with great reviews: Calm, which gives you guided mediation sessions where you can select the time from 2 to 20 minutes. 


Have a Healthy Body Weight

Body weight can also have a major impact on your ability to conceive. If body fat percentage is too low,  estrogen levels may be too low; and if you are overweight, estrogen levels may be too high. Both may affect your ovulation cycle. A smart scale is just part of the equation - it can help you monitor your BMI and body fat percentage, and help with tracking your goals. The highest-rated scale is Withings. They have an app to help you track your activity levels as well.


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Track Your Period Cycles

How nice is it that you can log into your phone and see how many days are left until your period?! Whether you want to get pregnant, learn when your period is about to start, or even just understand your cycle better, Clue is one of 3 apps (out of 53) to provide you with an accurate estimate of your fertile window (read here about the big study that found most fertility apps inaccurate). Since this is only an app that uses math to estimate your cycle, you will still need to take your temperature and/or track your cervical fluid to input it into the app and find out when you ovulate. Another well respected app that tracks both your daily temperature readings and period cycles is called Natural Cycles. Many women are turing to Natural Cycles to use instead of hormonal birth control. 


Find Out When You Are About To Ovulate

The number one most important factor when trying to get pregnant is timing: knowing when you ovulate is key to conception. You can track your temperature orally every morning, but this has many caveats: one glass of wine the night before can alter your temp, taking any medications can later your oral temp, and many other issues affect oral temp. Taking your temperature every morning can be tedious and the charts are infamous for being confusing. 

The good news is that Femtech is on the rise and significantly better options for fertility are on the rise. Here at Prima-Temp we are working on Priya. Priya is an internal personal fertility sensor being developed to identify the subtle temperature changes that occur prior to ovulation. When the sensor detects the decrease in temperature that occurs before ovulation, Priya will send an alert to your smart phone. Follow us on social media to stay updated about when Priya will be available for purchase.