How Laughter can Enhance Fertility when Trying to Conceive

For couples trying to conceive, people have loads of advice. Even strangers may tell them what to eat, what to avoid and to 'just relax'.  Telling couples to 'just relax' may actually cause more stress (or anger). How can you relax and be stress-free when faced with one of the most stressful challenges in your life? 

It is a fact, however, that stress has been found to reduce fertility. While friends and family may be annoying with their suggestion to 'just relax', research shows that stress can significantly reduce fertility. 

Scientific research demonstrates that stress leads to reduced levels of hormones that are crucial for ovulation. Oxford University and the US National Institutes of Health identified a stress hormone called alphaamylase. This stress hormone has been found to be higher in women having trouble conceiving and is shown to reduce their ability to get pregnant (source). 

Recommended methods to reduce stress include therapy, yoga, deep breathing and meditation. And yes, they actually tend to help. One study reported, in 2003 journal of Fertility and Sterility,  that ovulation was significantly restored in the group of women that received cognitive behavioral therapy (source). 

Another method to reduce stress is often overlooked. This easy and effective method to reduce stress is simply to laugh. The Mayo Clinic says that laughing not only reduces stress hormones, it also stimulates circulation, organs and increases health enhancing hormones. All of which enhance fertility.

Here is some humor to hopefully get a laugh out of you: 


Watch these great episodes from a real life couple having trouble trying to conceive: 


Surely this video will at least get a chuckle out of you? 



If you don't think the video is funny, the wife's laugh will surely make you smile.  


Why does it take 1 million sperm to fertilize one egg?

Cause they won't stop to ask directions!