Our Mission 


Research suggests that couples trying-to-conceive are often encouraged to pursue invasive, expensive infertility treatments before more natural approaches are exhausted. Fertility awareness is essential for couples trying-to-conceive; understanding reproductive health and natural fertility signs can help couples avoid costly infertility treatments altogether. Our team looked at the current methods available to track the biomarkers of ovulation, and knew we could do better. We are scientists and engineers, so we don’t “estimate” data like all other methods.

Why estimate when you can know?

We want to empower women by providing tools and information to gather the data that her body is already producing - to navigate your journey through fertility and conception. It's time to move fertility forward. 


Our Movement 




The world is at your fingertips. You can summon a cab at the touch of a button. Order food delivery from fine restaurants in your pyjamas. And even track when your pizza is going to show up at your door. But amongst all this technological progress there remains one area that’s escaped our reach, the ability for us to predict fertility.

 Sure, there are complex methodologies involving daily temperature readings, urinating on test strips, and calendar mathematics that even Einstein would struggle with, but no simple and precise solution.

We think it’s time to create a better way. To empower women and their partners with greater control over their fertility patterns. And give them the greatest chance of creating a little human of their own, somebody to take a piece of them forward in the world we call home.

So we designed and developed the most technologically advanced system to put fertility prediction at your fingertips.

It’s time fertility caught up with the rest of the modern world.

It’s time to take the guesswork out of fertility.

It’s time for you to know the perfect time to get frisky.